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Wireframing Competition Winners!

Saturday is an odd phenomenon at CeBIT. When I walked into Hall 6 that morning, I saw groups of kids, students, and the general public carrying bags full of giveaways from companies they have probably never heard of and whose products might not interest them at all. This is a stark contrast to the rest of the week, where you see many people in suits. And yet, Saturday is one of my favorite days to be at CeBIT. It’s a bit more relaxed and it’s nice to have the opportunity to talk about UX and the value of prototyping to the general public and to students who may want to go into the field later.

We decided to set up a wireframing competition to attract people’s attention on this last day. We wanted a way to get people interested in wireframing without giving a product demo. Having a whiteboard, some magnets and some pens definitely inspired creativity. The best thing about it was that even if people did not know exactly what wireframes were, they understood the concept and were happy to take part.

Whiteboard with wireframe magnets

The winning prototype!

Luise creates wireframe magnets

Luise hard at work creating our magnets

I had the idea after seeing a DIY magnet kit on and it seemed like a perfect fit, because I wanted something that would be practical, reusable and easy to transport. (Actually the whiteboard wasn’t so easy to transport, but fortunately we could fit it into our hire-car). Of course we wanted to use the Pidoco design for our magnets, so we drew these by hand. As soon as we were finished, the team came in and started to move the magnets around the whiteboard and that’s when we knew the concept would work. The winners of the competition have won a free annual Expert plan of Pidoco. Stay tuned for more competitions!

What do you think of these competition entries? To see more, visit our Facebook page. Feel free to like your favorite entries and let us know why!

Innovation Prize Winners at CeBIT 2013!

We are back in the office after an amazing week at CeBIT! We are very excited to announce that we have won the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2013 Award for best mobile product. Over 4900 companies applied this year to win the prize and we are honored to have such recognition for the Pidoco Mobile Edition. Our Mobile Edition allows users to simulate and test interactive app prototypes directly on mobile devices using the Pidoco App.

Pidoco receives the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2013 in the category mobile


Below is an interview (in German) with our CEO Philipp Huy who was at CeBIT 2013 to accept the award.

We want to thank everyone who visited our stand at CeBIT and took the time to try out Pidoco. We are really happy with the positive response we’ve had. Here is a photo of our booth, including our analog magnetic wireframe stencils.

Pidoco Stand at CeBIT 2013

For those of you who were not able to visit us at CeBIT, we’ll keep you updated about upcoming events where Pidoco will be making an appearance!

Pidoco at CeBIT 2013

Red Cebit Logo - Hannover March 5-9Pidoco will be at CeBIT, Hannover this year to present the latest updates to our mobile and enterprise products. This is the largest IT trade show in the world with over 4000 exhibitors and 1500 workshops and talks.

If you are going to CeBIT this year, please visit our stand, where we will be happy to give you inside tips on how to work best with Pidoco and discuss the options for using Pidoco in your next project. If you would like to arrange an individual meeting with us, or would like to apply for tickets to CeBIT, please message us through our contact form or  email

Date: 5th – 9th March 2013
Stand: K46/1, Hall 6

Register for your free tickets and personal consultation today! We look forward to seeing you there!

My First UXcamp Europe

Barcamps seem to be a growing trend these days and yet there are still a few people out there who have no idea what they actually are. I was one of them until I went to UXcamp Europe this summer. A barcamp is a user-generated conference (according to Wikipedia) where any attendee can volunteer to hold a seminar or workshop. UXcamp Europe was not only my first barcamp, but also one of my first real UX events. It was such a fantastic experience that I wanted to let you know about the mysterious world of UXcamp and inspire you to come along next year. UXcamp Europe began four years ago and Pidoco has been involved every step of the way, helping ensure everyone gets the most out of an informative and innovative weekend. This being my first ever UX event, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I was amazed however at how much I got out of the weekend and what an overwhelming sense of community there was.

When I arrived on the Saturday morning, the schedule had already been drawn up. I saw the noticeboard, which you can see in the image below, and realized that this conference was not like your traditional events where talks are planned out months in advance. I didn’t have a chance to look up the speakers on LinkedIn, or Google any of the topics, so I chose the seminars that sounded the most interesting. The first talk I went to was on UX blogging by the innovative German-language blog uxzentrisch. Not only was this full of useful tips on writing, but the seminar was a great opportunity to see the different ways we can look at UX and how we can show that UX is not limited to software interfaces.

UX Seminar Noticeboard

Fantastic seminars to choose from, including 'How to say no to your bosses' and 'How to measure desirability'

After this I also attended a talk on cognitive psychology by Jan Srutek. It was great to hear an interdisciplinary talk that not only looked into the theory behind the thought processes of users, but also offered practical advice about how to guide users in right direction through design. Another great talk I went to was on “The first run” by Paul Baron and Tomonmi Sasaki. This dealt with the first steps a new user takes to sign up for a product or service. The rules I learned were to show users they will be getting something great in return for the information they provide. Another thing they advised is to make signup forms shorter, or split these steps into stages if this is not possible. This is fantastic advice for anyone who is looking to revise a signup form, or payment process on their website or app.

Eric Reiss talking about innovation

Eric Reiss giving his keynote speech on innovation at UXcamp Europe 2012

The last talk and my favorite had to be the closing keynote speech by Eric Reiss, a self-proclaimed UX evangelist. He used some great examples to illustrate that innovation should be used to solve problems, not create them. Here’s a picture of the Octoauto, which promised to give a smoother drive, but the price tag and the sheer size of the car meant that the inventor Reeves failed to generate interest for a single order. I love Eric’s commonsense attitude to UX, but most of all it’s fantastic to see the genuine support he has for the UX community. If you want to know more about Eric, You can follow him on Twitter, or read up about his theater and UX career on Wikipedia.

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend, a great introduction to UX and I can’t wait for my next barcamp. I wish I could go to UX Camp Hamburg, but Philipp from the Pidoco team will be there. I’m already looking forward to next year’s UXcamp Europe, which I’m sure will be bigger and better than ever. See you all there!

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UXcamp Europe 2010 taking place in Berlin next May

UX Camp Europe 2010
The first UXcamp was a huge success if you read some of the blog articles from last summer (read the review from centigrade or have a look at the German blog feedback). That was encouragement enough to lift the UXcamp to the next level by opening the event to an international audience. This makes it UXcamp Europe 2010.

We still follow the BarCamp principle to bring together the European community for User Experience, Information Architecture, Usability, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and everybody who feels himself dedicated to the user of products and services. In case you fit somehow to that description, please join the UXcamp network and prepare yourself for a trip to Berlin on 29th and 30th of May 2010. The registration for the single days and the UXcamp party is planned to open next month. The concrete date will be published in our network once we decided which day.

Since we want to welcome participants from hopefully every country of Europe, we introduced the concept of Country Ambassadors. If your country is not yet represented by an ambassador, please let us know. The only thing you have to do as an ambassador is to spread the word and connect your local community with our network. We are sure this will be an exciting event to be for everybody!

Usually, a BarCamp is free to the participants to provide everybody with the possibility to join the event and participate by giving a session, discussing with the others, or simply by giving a hand whenever necessary. However, this requires us to cover the expenses with sponsorships. If your company is active in the User Experience field, or if you think your company should get active, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are thankful for every support we can get!

If you  are still in doubt whether you should travel to Germany next May, there is also the International UPA Conference, taking place in Munich from 26.-28. of May, which is right before the UXcamp Europe. Oh, and two weeks before there will be the (German) IAKonferenz in Cologne. And if you’d like to extend your stay in Berlin, right after the UXcamp Europe there will be the Webinale, another gathering for all the Web geeks. So, plenty of events to go to next May.

Traveling: SVG Open 2009 and UX Brighton

After a long time of just developing pidoco°, next October will be different. I have two trips planned, one going to Silicon Valley and the other one bringing me to Brighton.

2nd-4th of October will be the SVG Open 2009, a conference hosted by Google in Mountain View, CA, which is all about Scalable Vector Graphics. I am very excited about meeting the SVG community for the first time after almost 4 years of SVG development. With all my experiences, I guess I have a lot to share, especially with respect to a complex application like ours. The second day will start with my talk, which will be about how we use SVG for pidoco°. However, the schedule is packed with great talks, which I hope not to miss.

Since I will stay a whole week (30th-7th) in the Bay Area, please don’t hesitate to contact me (volker at for a spontaneous meet-up.

My second trip will go to Brighton (13th) and London (14th), where I am really happy to meet our friends from Webnographer. Together with even more people we are going to give an exiting talk about Remote User Research in all its aspects. Louise Klinker will present a Case Study on Remote Usability, David Tait and Ofer Deshe will introduce Remote Ethnography, and finally we will present both our tools for asynchronous (Webnographer) and synchronous Remote Usability Testing (pidoco°).

That not being enough, the next day we are traveling to London to meet people from Flow Interactive in order to get the UXcamp 2010 started, which promises to be even better than this year! (We do our very best…)

pidoco° sponsors IT conference in Berlin

pidoco° is an official sponsor for the Mensch und Computer 2009 (MuC/09) as well as the Usability Professionals 2009 conferences in Berlin which are held from the 6-9th September 2009.

We hereby would like to invite you to come along and see us at our stand which is located on the 2nd floor of the main Humboldt University building in Berlin Mitte.
We’d be pleased to meet you and hope to be able to give you some more insights into our products and future plans. Additionally, we will offer you a free BETA-account upon registering with us at our stand. You can then use the Remote Usability Tester (R.U.T), which is included in the pidoco° advanced suite, until the end of November -free of charge!

In case you want to know even more on our us and our vision, make sure to attend our talk!
Just like last year, Tino Truppel which is one of our visionaries at pidoco°, will give a speech on Prototype-Testing and on Tools in Usability Engineering. Tino will present a deeper insight into pidoco’s° Prototype Creator and the Remote Usability Tester (R.U.T) and on the upcoming tools which are currently being developed.
You can join the talk on Wednesday the 9th of September in Room 1070 at 10.45am in the main University building.

We hope that you will be able to attend the conference and that we can have to please to meet you in person.
Your pidoco° team

Pidoco at IT-Profits and Internet World at the same time

Your own personal tickets

Next week you will find us as exhibitor at two exhibitions at the same time and you can visit us for free, either in Berlin or in Munich, the choice is yours:

IT-Profits Internet World
Berlin (June 24 – 25) Munich (June 23 – 24)
Free tickets Free tickets
pidoco° will be at
pidoco° will be at
Business Solutions Booth 22
Booth 7.2c/09

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our booths (or even both). There will be many exciting things to see: besides demonstrations of pidoco° in action, we will present a Sneak Preview of our newest product, but see more next week.

Alumnus Evening at Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Coming Monday, June 15th, the HPI-Alumni-Club is organizing an evening of talks of alumni for students at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam. The main topics will be the “Way into Self-Employment” and “Working in a Corporation”. Last year we took part in the first event of this series and we are sure not to miss this one neither.

Several former fellow students are going to provide an impression of the start into their working life. Martin Karlsch and I will give a short presentation together and we will talk about our experience in founding companies and how our university prepared us for the professional life. Like last year I am already looking forward to the question-and-answer session and the following get together with the students. See you there!