Impressions of the BarCamp Berlin

The BarCamp Berlin3 is over now. It was a quite intense weekend with lots of interesting people to meet and some good sessions to attend. At first, I’d like to thank the orga team: well done! I don’t want to blame you for the fact that the sessions were somehow noisy. I liked that you could come and go without interrupting the presentation. Another thing I like pretty much were the 30min breaks between the sessions. They gave enough time to meet and network and I never had the feeling to be late for a session.

What I really liked was the Lounge area (see photos below). It was definitively enough space to host all the people. I pretty much enjoyed this event. However, one thing stuck out: until now we usually went to people telling them of pidoco°. At the BarCamp it was the other way around. People were coming to us, saying they heard of us somewhere and liked to get a demo, an account, or just had a question. That felt great.

So far about my first impressions right after the BarCamp. And now the pl0gbar at St. Oberholz…

New Preview – Now also in Safari

Our new design (at least an early version) is running in our productive system since some days. Today we deployed a new preview with the new design, too. The new preview shows the latest development of the Prototype Creator, free to explore for you.

Use your Firefox or Safari browser and open the Prototype Creator preview. Feel free to try everything you like. Use the feedback form to tell us what you think of it.

Exploiting the possibilies of pidoco°

Today, we were surprised by a work of art done in our editor. Our friend Christian has been playing around with pidoco° and came up with a nice diagram. Amazing. Nothing more to say…

Because we didn’t really know, whether he linked some image files or whether he really drew everything with pidoco° we had a look at the sources.

If you want to do the same, open the original result.

From Paper Prototype to Implementation in 3 days

Since yesterday we have support by three students from Hasso-Plattner-Institute, Marika, Michael, and Sebastian. They will help us implement pidoco°, such that we can reach a version 1.0 in September. Our first impression after one day: excellent students and great support for us!

However, we faced the problem that our not so large office has to accommodate three more people. Being (kind of) usability professionals with engineering background we started with a nice paper prototype…

… then tried some high fidelity implementations …

… to finally have an arrangement that made us happy:

Sponsoring the Mensch und Computer

Now it is official: pidoco° is a Sponsor for the conference “Mensch und Computer 2008”, which is part of the multi conference “Viel Mehr 2008”. We are very proud to be among such great companies that are sponsoring this year.

We will have our own small booth and we will give a short presentation of pidoco° in a tool session. Further details will be posted in here, once they’re fix.

It would be a pleasure to meet you at the conference in Lübeck. I’m sure, there will be excellent sessions and you can meet all the usability guys from the German speaking area. See you there!