pidoco° sponsors IT conference in Berlin

pidoco° is an official sponsor for the Mensch und Computer 2009 (MuC/09) as well as the Usability Professionals 2009 conferences in Berlin which are held from the 6-9th September 2009.

We hereby would like to invite you to come along and see us at our stand which is located on the 2nd floor of the main Humboldt University building in Berlin Mitte.
We’d be pleased to meet you and hope to be able to give you some more insights into our products and future plans. Additionally, we will offer you a free BETA-account upon registering with us at our stand. You can then use the Remote Usability Tester (R.U.T), which is included in the pidoco° advanced suite, until the end of November -free of charge!

In case you want to know even more on our us and our vision, make sure to attend our talk!
Just like last year, Tino Truppel which is one of our visionaries at pidoco°, will give a speech on Prototype-Testing and on Tools in Usability Engineering. Tino will present a deeper insight into pidoco’s° Prototype Creator and the Remote Usability Tester (R.U.T) and on the upcoming tools which are currently being developed.
You can join the talk on Wednesday the 9th of September in Room 1070 at 10.45am in the main University building.

We hope that you will be able to attend the conference and that we can have to please to meet you in person.
Your pidoco° team

The pidoco° Prototype Reviewer is officially online.

The Prototype Reviewer is another new extension of the pidoco° Usability Suite in the field of usability evaluation by experts, colleagues or customers etc.

With this extension it is now possible to invite others to review the created prototypes, collecting important feedback and generating new ideas for the further development of your applications. All the reviewers need is a web browser – the installation of software is not required.

With this process, interface prototypes (e.g. websites) can now easily be tested before the programming phase. This leads to a more efficient design process, later changes will be minimized and the final user experience of the applications will be enhanced.

During the beta phase, we again revised the prototype repository and have now an even better overview of ongoing discussions concerning the prototypes, the annotations and the discussion board are much clearer and the overall communication via our system has been even more improved. Check it out – I am sure, you will love it!

Try pidoco° now and get a 31 day free trial!

Sketched Browser Applications

Chrome in sketched mode with google mail.

Developing a browser application requires us to test our editor on a variety of different browsers and operating systems. Often this includes browsers that are not even released: as soon as the official release comes out our users might switch to the new version and our application needs to work flawlessly in them. Especially as new browsers often bring new features or performance enhancements to our users.

Currently one of those browsers is the new Google Chrome beta. The new version will be themable and one of the themes is called “Pencil Sketch”. As the name suggests with that theme the browser gets a hand-drawn look which fits perfectly to our prototypes in sketched mode. But take a look for yourself.

Chrome in sketched mode with a sketched prototype.


From the old comes the new – we are now pidoco°

Taking a closer look you’ll notice several changes on this website today and in the coming days. If you follow our blog, you’ll know why: We have got a new name!

More than 500 of our users voted with us and came to the same conclusion: is our new darling. Even several media channels already covered the result (Wirtschaftswoche, Deutsche-Startups).

The logo in the upper-left corner already changed. Bit by bit we’ll switch the complete website to adapt our new name – so don’t be surprised if you’ll find the old name at one or two spots while on most parts the new pidoco°-logo is already displayed.

Name change: Rate the Top 5

As previously reported, we are looking for a new name. Together with the readers of Deutsche Startups we collected quite successfully proposals for our new name. In total 2,752 suggestions (see the Top 50). While many names have to be ruled out (due to different reasons), you can tell us which of our Top 5 you like most:

For each voting we are going to give 20 Cent to a charity project. The project that we are supporting is a new assembly hall for the SOS-Kinderdorf in Kigali, Rwanda.

Prototyping is also Testing

Yesterday evening we had an exciting session at our local Usability Meetup. The topic was “remote usability testing”, which we divided into asynchronous and synchronous testing. The part of asynchronous testing was covered by Sabrina Mach from FeraLabs, who came from England to visit Berlin.

During the second part we explained synchronous remote usability testing. The setup is very simple, a moderator invites a test user via the web to a moderated usability test. We were able to demo for the first time our remote testing module, which allows for executing remote usability tests for pidoco° prototypes. Our development team did a great job during the past year to develop a system where the test user is invited by a simple email and just needs a browser, an internet connection, and a telephone. The moderator can watch the session live and later on replay the whole session for a detailed evaluation. The Remote Usability Tester will soon be available as closed beta. Watch this blog for further details.

After the presentations we moved on for some drinks with still a big group of people. It has been a pleasure to chat with all the people, especially with our guests from England. The next event will be Friday 17th when the 10th IA Cocktail Hour takes place. See you there.

New payment method: credit card

Last week we added a new way of paying for pidoco°. You are now able to use your credit card in addition to paypal or invoice. For now we added Visa and Mastercard. In case you have a different credit card, please get in touch with us (contact at

We didn’t change our pricing nor the 31 days of free trial. Feel free to register and create your own pidoco° prototype.

Name change: We donate for SOS-Kinderdorf

We are looking for a new name. Although we liked our current name very much, it comes with some disadvantages that lead to this decision: especially when talking on the phone, people do not understand the name and the writing. In addition, some asked us whether we are an Italy-based company, which we are not. On top of this, there is another small company in Germany with a similar name, which already led to some confusion. To overcome all these disadvantages we kindly ask you to support us in finding a new name.

For each name that has been suggested we are going to give 10 Cent to a charity project. The project that we are supporting is a new assembly hall for the SOS-Kinderdorf in Kigali, Rwanda. Simply enter your name proposal in this form to join us in supporting the SOS-Kinderdorf.

New hire: Michael Malsch

Today, our second full-time employee officially joined our company. He is the new head of sales and business development at pidoco°. Previously, he worked for ebuero where he helped grow the company to about 200 employees. In addition, he founded mittelstandskarriere, a career portal for mid-size companies.

After our CEO, Philipp, Michael is the second member of our team not having a technical background. This brings a new point of view into our discussions, which we welcome a lot. Although we know him from just some few meetings, we think that he fits into our team very well and has some great ideas how to develop our company.