New Feature: Scroll to Element Interaction

We proudly present the new scroll-to-element interaction. This new feature is an extension of the existing “scroll page” interaction. It allows you to design interactions that scroll a page to a defined element on that page. This feature has been on our mind for some time, but had not made it on the roadmap yet. Luckily, it was recently requested again by some users and thus got the final push into the sprint backlog.

Pidoco already offered an interaction for scrolling the page to the top or to the bottom. The new feature makes it easier to prototype single page websites which require several scroll anchors. Now you can add a scroll anchor to any stencil on a page to use it as target for a scroll interaction.

Here is how it works

In order to use the interaction you first need to define the stencil which acts as the scroll anchor. Then the interaction can be set.

1. Define anchor element

Select the stencil you want to scroll to, open its context menu and enter a unique name into the anchor name field (e.g. ‘contact form’). You can name it anything you want, but we recommend to name it in a way that allows you to easily identify it from a list of all existing anchor names.

2. Set scroll interaction

Select the stencil, from which you want to trigger the scroll interaction. In the interaction menu, select the ‘scroll to anchor element’ interaction and then select the anchor name from the drop down menu as anchor element.

Watch out! In the drop down, you can only select anchor elements which are placed on the same page as your trigger element. Switching between pages is not intended with this interaction type.

That’s all that needs to be done! We are excited about this new feature and all the new possibilities it offers our users.

What do you think?

Does this feature help your work? What else would you like to see in Pidoco? Leave some feedback and we’ll give our best to improve our tool for you!

Introducing our new Affiliate Program!

The internet is full of affiliate programs, but only few deserve the name. Finally, Pidoco has it’s own affiliate program. And here’s how it works.

What does the Pidoco affiliate program offer?
The Pidoco affiliate Program offers up to 30% reward for each successful recommendation. That means, if someone purchases a Pidoco license based on your recommendation, you get paid 30% of the purchase directly into your PayPal account. 

How can I apply for the Pidoco affiliate program? 
Applying for the affiliate program is as easy as signing up for a newsletter. Simply fill in the affiliate sign up form and you’ll receive your affiliate link within a few seconds. Then, you can freely place your link wherever you want to recommend Pidoco. The more followers and reach you have, the more people are potentially contributing to your affiliate balance.

Why become an affiliate?
If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, here’s how they generally work: You can share your affiliate link personally to selected friends and colleagues or spread them publicly on your blog or social media platforms. The link is marked with a reference that identifies each affiliate. When someone coming from your affiliate link carries out a purchase, you earn a reward. Rewards can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the value of the customer’s purchase or something else. The idea is that while promoting products or services that you like, you can make money.

Anyone can become a Pidoco partner! However, for certain people or companies our affiliate program is especially worthwhile:

UX Consultancies Becoming an affiliate is particularly interesting for everyone who is already working in the UX field. If you have clients in the UX and/or product design area you may find that being able to offer the right tool set to your clients is a huge advantage. You’re probably already doing that to some degree anyway, why not earning a reward on top?

Digital Marketing Agencies As a digital marketing agency you are already an expert at representing and at boosting conversion online. With Pidoco’s affiliate program you can now capitalize on this know-how by promoting products that not only give considerable benefit to your clients and their network, but also offer attractive rewards. What’s more: With special deals we offer from time to time, you may even be able to give additional benefit to your clients.

Bloggers If you’re writing for a UX, product management, marketing or other related blog, you will now be able to combine your interest with some monetary benefit. Pidoco’s affiliate program allows you to promote a product that is valuable to your audience while leveraging your audience to earn rewards.

So, why not become an affiliate yourself? Just give it a try, there is nothing to loose! Find more details at