About pidoco°

What is pidoco°?

The pidoco° usability software helps you develop better web and other software applications. Improve the usability of your applications using early user tests and utilize the potential of an excellent user experience to get your customers excited and drive up your revenues. Lower project risks, time to market, and coordination and development costs using real-time collaborative rapid prototyping.

  • pidoco° is the optimal tool for creating interactive GUI prototypes (clickable wireframes for websites, software interface etc.) using drag & drop
  • pidoco° allows real-time collaborative rapid prototyping without any programming know-how
  • pidoco° is the ideal communication tool for coordination between developers, designers, customers, test users, and decision makers
  • pidoco° allows very quick gathering of expert and user feedback on prototypes and processes
  • pidoco° allows affordable remote usability testing (starting fall 2009)

What are the advantages of pidoco°?

  1. Improved user experience and conversion on websites, portals and online shops
  2. Optimal tool for quick and improved interface conception
  3. Easy handling, steep learning curve, and low setup time allow immediate productive use
  4. Visually enhanced communication and real-time collaboration improve team work
  5. Software-as-a-Service is affordable and flexible
  6. Completely web-based system functions immediately without download or install

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