Upcoming Release: What’s New

So, we’ve been telling you all about the upcoming release of the new Pidoco. Now it’s only a few weeks before it will be arriving. To allow you to familiarize yourself with the new Pidoco version, we have put together a little guide showing you what’s new. Enjoy!


#1: Home View

Pidoco Prototyping Tool - Home View

The new home screen has been redesigned and now offers quick access to frequently used functions.


The Home view has been redesigned to give you a better overview of your projects. While the project list is very similar to the current list, the Home view will now offer some neat improvements:

  • Quick Actions: Instead of the old tabs, we have turned some of the most important options, such as editing, sharing or exporting into quick links that allow you to more easily access them.
  • Toolbar: We have added a toolbar to the Home view to make work even faster for you.
  • Search: Now you will be able to search for projects, which is especially useful if you have many.
  • Filtering and sorting functions are now available to manage your projects more efficiently.


#2: Project View

Pidoco Wireframing Tool - Map View

The new project view greets Pidoco users with a map of the entire project, offering easier orientation and a better overview.

Perhaps the biggest change in the Project view is the new Map feature. The Map will give you a visual overview of your entire project, allowing you to quickly find and access the right pages or simply get a better grasp on the project. Zoom in to see more details or zoom out to get a bird’s eye perspective. Of course, you can always switch to the list view to search for pages or sort them into folders. Note: For existing projects, you will still see the page list first. Upon switching to Map view, you will find your pages and can arrange them as you see fit.

The new Project view also comes along with several tabs that neatly contain the available functions. They will be replacing the tabs of the current Home view.

  • Pages: Shows all pages – as map or list, depending on your preferences
  • Assets: This is where you can now manage all your assets. Upload screens, graphics or icons, create screenflows or manage your masters and layers.
  • Comments: This is the central place for reading and replying to feedback you receive through the commenting feature.
  • Collaboration: Managing invitations and access rights happens in this tab.
  • Versions: This is where you can now find all versions of a project – manually generated milestones as well as auto-saved backups.


#3: Editor

Pidoco Prototype and Wireframe Editor

The editor view now offers easy access to all comments without interrupting the workflow. The layer panel also has received a new design.

The editor also has received a little upgrade. The main new features will be:

  • Comments panel: You can now read and reply to feedback directly as you are editing your project.
  • Layers panel: The layers panel has received a redesign to make it easier to distinguish the page from the layers and to allow you to focus better on the stage.


#4: Preview

Pidoco Prototyping Tool - Preview

With its new design, the preview shows the prototype in action and will be equipped with a new full-screen mode.

The preview will have not only a new design, but also offer a new full-screen mode for viewing projects without any distraction. The comment markers now come in different colors, signalling their respective status for an easy overview. Of course, we are keeping the different hand-drawn and wireframe modes, so you can choose how to present your project best.


#5: General/Convenience

Pidoco Wireframing Tool - Sharing feature

New convenience functions and an improved sharing feature make working with Pidoco even more productive.

More generally, there will be a few new convenience functions that we will be rolling out across the system. They include:

  • New design: The pretty “flat” design looks a lot cleaner and will show your projects in the best possible light to give them full focus.
  • New dialogs: All dialogs have been revised to make them easier to use.
  • Drag & drop lists: The project, page and asset lists now allow you to sort items using drag and drop.
  • Filtering┬á and sorting: Filtering and sorting functions will be available in all list views to help you manage pages, assets and more.
  • Quick Search: The dynamic search function will be available in almost every view.
  • Sharing: You will be able to retrieve the sharing links without having to send an email.

We are very excited to share the new Pidoco with you in just a little while and hope you’ll like it.

So, watch out for the release date!


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