New Release: Smart Duplicate, Interaction Highlights, Improved Grid

To spice up the summer, we have just released some new features and improvements. Here’s what’s new…


#1 Smart Duplicate

Tired of copy/pasting multiple repeating elements to fill your screen? With our brand new “smart duplicate” feature, it is much easier to create a series of tabs, an image grid or a row of buttons. Simply duplicate, and Pidoco will do the positioning for you. Of course, you can adjust where necessary.

Quickly duplicate and align elements

Smart duplicate: Pidoco does the positioning for you


#2 Interaction Highlighting

Ever wondered which elements are clickable? Wonder no more. With the new “interaction highlighting” you can simply press the Ctrl key and all elements with interactions attached will light up. Keep the Ctrl key pressed to open multiple target screens in new tabs.

Interaction highlighting: Accentuate the interactive elements in the Simulation View

Interaction highlighting: Easily find links and interactions in the simulation view


#3 Improved Grid

We updated and improved the grid feature which we introduced earlier this year. Now, aligning elements feels much smoother and is faster than ever before. Give it a try!

Easy alignment: Smoothly place elements with the improved grid

Grid feature: Smoothly and quickly place elements with the improved grid


Let us know in the comments what you think!


By the way, we run monthly usability tests. If you’d like to join, just send us a quick email to and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. Stay tuned for more!


Happy Prototyping!


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