Pidoco & AppCooker at UXcamp Europe

UXcamp Europe is one of the largest BarCamps for User Experience Professionals uniting more than 500 UX enthusiasts from all over the continent and beyond each year in Berlin, the heart of Europe. Last weekend it took place again for the 8th time in summery Berlin at Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum (part of the Humboldt University). Organized by a superb team of volunteers, it featured a wide range of insightful discussions, workshops, presentations and demos from the participants in as much as 10 parallel tracks. As usual, the organizers managed to create lots of room and opportunities for exchange and networking outside the conference room, be it in the shade of the large umbrellas near the barbecue stand or in the adjacent café.

A beautiful summer day at the UXcamp Europe

A beautiful summer day at UXcamp Europe

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to hold a workshop titled “Bring your iPads® – Prototyping On The Go”.  Using AppCooker, a professional app for prototyping on the iPad®, as our example, we had a vivid discussion on the pros and cons of mobile prototyping and the many opportunities it offers in the app design process. We designed mockups for an iOS event app on the fly with the workshop participants and had fun coming up with ways to improve the process from paper to digital prototype. It was great to speak to many of you and receive such valuable feedback. Thanks to all who attended!

After two days of UXcamp, meeting so many creative minds and enjoying the camp’s atmosphere, all that’s left to say is once more: Thanks for the great organization! Thanks to all the campers! Thanks for a great UX weekend!

See you next year!

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