Aligning interests: New release features customizable grid, icon colors, better zoom

We’re celebrating the arrival of spring time with a new release. Here is what’s new…


#1 Customizable grid

The new grid feature supports layouting your screens. The snap-to-grid function makes for an easy and precise arrangement of assets on the canvas. What’s more, you can customize the grid to suit your layout: Simply adjust margins, gutters and number of columns in the grid settings. A grid preview helps you choose the right values while smart defaults help you get started.

Using the grid to individualize the alignment patterns on your screen

The customizable grid helps align elements on your canvas


#2 Icon colors/icon search

Following a frequent request, we have added a color option to all icon stencils. And there’s more: Individual icons can be found via the Quick Search feature. Just type what you’re looking for and the matching icons will be displayed in the stencil palette.

Screenshot of icon color picker

Icon colors can make prototypes more realistic


#3 Improved zoom 

Sometimes you have to zoom your screen to better view your canvas. We have improved the zoom feature to easily let you see the current zoom level and make it easier to return to normal view. Simply click the current zoom level to reset to 100%!

Resetting your zoomed page

We constantly strive to improve Pidoco, but without you that wouldn’t be possible at all. So we can’t thank our test users enough for their loyal support and feedback.

If you wish to join our monthly usability tests, just send us a quick email to and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information. Stay tuned for more!


Happy Prototyping!


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