Size matters! New release features multi-resize and improved icon scaling

The Berlin summer is treating us very well this year, but that’s no reason for us to take it easy as we’ve been working on a host of new features for improving your prototyping experience. With the latest release we are introducing multi-element resizing and an improved way to scale icons freely. In addition, we have redesigned the breadcrumb navigation and have made it easier to access page options. So here’s what’s new…


#1 Time saver multi-element resizing
Adjusting the size of multiple elements individually can be really tiresome. The new multi-element resizing option will save you lots of time: Just select all the elements that need to be resized and resize them all at once. This works with any scalable element.

Selecting multiple, but similar elements for further editing

Selecting and resizing multiple elements at once


#2 Better scaling of icons
With the latest release, all icons have become freely scalable, allowing you more flexibility in how you use them: Make them tiny, fit them exactly to a button, or blow them up to giant size – it’s your choice. But worry not, the convenient default sizes (16px, 24px, 36px, 48px, 64px) are still available to make it easier to match icon sizes.

Scaling icons to flexibly adapt their size

Free icon scaling combined with convenient default sizes


#3 Easier navigation
The breadcrumb navigation has been redesigned and now takes up less screen real estate giving you even more space for your creative work. We have also made it easier to access other projects and pages via the breadcrumb navigation: Hovering your mouse over the respective breadcrumb will give you a dropdown with all available items.

Using the breadcrumbs facilitates the navigation between the different prototype parts

Using the breadcrumbs facilitates the navigation between the different prototype parts

To keep things clean, common browser options like browser back and forward or opening items in a new tab are now only accessible in the usual manner via the respective browser controls or using right click or shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl + click).


#4 Better access to page setup
The context menu that was previously accessible via the breadcrumbs has moved directly to the page canvas with the latest release. This makes it much easier to access the page options. Simply use the “Change” link to adjust page size or background images or rename the page.

Accessing the page options via the editing panel

Easy access to page options directly at the canvas


Defining the most important values in the page options

Changing page options directly at the canvas

Note: Double-clicking on a breadcrumb item to rename it still works as before.


#5 Prototypes are now projects
A small change you will hardly notice is the renaming of prototypes to projects. To avoid confusion we are moving to the more neutral projects.


How do you like our new features? Drop us a comment here or via FacebookTwitter or Google+ or contact us via We look forward to hearing from you!


By the way, did you know that you can submit feature requests and other ideas via the Pidoco Forum? Simply make a suggestion and all other users can vote on it. Our developers will comment and keep you updated on the status.


Happy Prototyping!


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