How To … Quickly Find And Add Elements

A few days ago, we released our shiny new and re-designed stencil palette bringing you an even better prototyping experience. One of the exciting new features is the stencil search atop the palette which combines with a “Quick Add” function to help you save precious time while prototyping. Now you can find elements even faster and add them to your prototype straight away. And here is how it goes …


Step 1: Search an element

The stencil search is available in the Page View where pages are edited. To find the desired element, simply start typing the first letters. This will activate the stencil search and automatically filter the palette to only show stencils that match your search. This works at any time, provided you aren’t editing or have selected any element on the page. You can search stencils, icons, uploaded images and even custom stencils – everything is searchable!

Find your element with the new search bar

Finding an element using the new stencil search


Step 2: Add stencil

Once you have spotted your element in the search results, either drag and drop it onto the canvas with your mouse or use the arrow keys to select the stencil from the search results and hit “enter” to add it to the page. Hit “enter” again to keep adding more of the same stencil.

Use your cursors to quickly add an element

Quick Add: Using the arrow keys and “enter” to quickly add an element to the canvas

Hint: Stencils with multiple variants (e.g. icons, arrows, charts or flowchart elements) appear under one generic symbol in the palette, but will be listed with all variants in the search results. If you drop the generic element onto your canvas, a pop up will allow you to choose from the available options.

Choose an icon

Choosing an icon from the icon selector


That’s it! You have successfully added elements using the re-designed stencil palette and the new stencil search!

Do you need help finding your elements? Then do not hesitate and drop us a line via or Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Prototyping!

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