How To … Work With Versions

In Pidoco, every change you make to a prototype is automatically saved. In addition, prototypes as a whole are automatically saved at regular intervals. This auto versioning creates a copy of your prototype in a certain state and allows you to switch back to each copy and continue work from there. But you don’t have to rely on auto versions: You can manually save a version of your prototype, for example to capture a certain milestone. And here is how it goes …


1. Create a milestone 

To save a version of the current state of your prototype, go to the toolbar and click on the “Save as” button. A pop-up will ask you to enter a name for the new prototype version. Enter a name such as “Version 1” and confirm. Et voilà, you have created your first milestone!

Save and name the latest version of your prototype

Saving a copy of your current prototype for versioning purposes


2. Open the milestone

At any point in time, you can switch back to previously saved versions of your prototype (almost like in a time machine). To do so, go to My Prototypes and open the Versions tab of your prototype. The “Base version” dropdown shows a list of all available versions of your prototype including your milestones and autosaved versions. The version date and author are listed after each version.

Create a version of your prototype

Accessing an older version of a prototype

To access an old version, select it from the dropdown and click the “Create a copy of the selected version” button. This adds the selected version as a new entry to your prototype list in “My Prototypes”. It will carry the same name as the original with the word “Copy” added at the end. You can choose whether existing collaborators or discussion entries should be included in the copy.

Versioning creates a new prototype

Accessing an old version creates a copy of the prototype entry


That’s it! You have successfully created your first milestone! Do you need help? Just send us a message via or FacebookTwitter or Google+.


Happy Prototyping!

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