How To … Insert Links Into Text Elements

A while ago, we added a new text stencil to Pidoco that makes editing text much easier than before. With the new text stencil, you can insert links to other pages or external URLs directly into your text. Today, I want to show you how…


Step 1: Insert a text element

Let’s start off by dragging a text stencil from the palette to the canvas. Once you have placed the stencil, a toolbar will appear directly above the text, allowing you to format the text. You can immediately start typing or pasting copied text. When you are done, click outside the text stencil

Insert the new Text Stencil

Inserting a text element into a prototype

Hint: The width of the text stencil will adapt while you type. If necessary, you can resize it manually.


Step 2: Link (a part of) the text

Linking to another page: Once you have entered your text, select the text or text elements, that should become the link, with your mouse. In the toolbar, click on the arrow next to the field “Insert link”. A dropdown menu will open and let you select the page of your prototype you wish to link to. The linked text will be underlined.

Create a link to a prototype page

Creating a link to another prototype page


Linking to external content: To link text to an external website, select the text to be linked and type the URL of the website into the field “Insert link” in the toolbar.

Create a link to external content

Creating a link to an external website

Hint: To remove a link, select the linked text and click on the “Remove link” icon right next to the “Insert link” field.


What do you think about the new text stencil? Drop us a comment here or via FacebookTwitter or Google+ or contact us via We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Prototyping!

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