Pidoco gets a facelift

At Pidoco we constantly work on improving our tool and listen to your feedback in order to deliver you a great prototyping experience! That is the reason why we are bringing you some new exciting features today, including a bigger canvas, an improved toolbar, and a modernized look! With this facelift, prototyping will be even easier and faster. So what is new?

Brighter UI, Less Clutter And A Flat Design
First off, we have given the Page View section of Pidoco a brighter, more modern look by removing unnecessary UI elements and flattening the design. This makes it easier to navigate Pidoco and makes work more comfortable for your eyes because there’s less clutter. In fact, the entire look of our tool has been simplified, which will help you to find things more easily.

The new UI allowing for a more efficient prototyping

The new, cleaner UI features a flat design and allows for more efficient prototyping


More Work Space
Many of you work on large screens, but some do not. So we took a look at how to improve the prototyping experience of those working on smaller screens. As a result, you can now collapse the My Global Layers and My Interactions panel in order to enlarge the work space of your Editing Panel. Just click on the little arrow to hide or unhide the panel. While we were at it, we also shortened the names of the panels to “Layers” and “Interactions”, respectively.

Collapsible layers panel

Collapsing the layers panel increases work space


Improved Usability
With the design changes we have also given our Toolbar a makeover. Now it wows with shiny new buttons that are both larger and easier to click and feature a text label that makes their functions more obvious, saving you time looking for the right button. We also updated our icons to make them even more intuitive. The most important buttons “New” and “Simulate” have been highlighted for you in green and orange.

The new toolbar including new icons

The new toolbar including new icons and text labels as well as highlighting


Smart User Support
Pidoco offers a number of great features that are not always obvious at first glance. To make them more easily accessible to you we have improved our tooltips that give you hints on working with Pidoco. When editing your prototype, little hints and tricks will be displayed in the top right corner to facilitate your work with Pidoco. But if you already know what you are doing and don’t need those hints anymore, your can now turn them off.

Hideable help section

Hints make “hidden features” more easily accessible but can be turned off if not required


So, what do you think about the design update? Drop us a comment here or via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or contact us via We are looking forward to hearing from you!

By the way, did you know that you can submit your feedback and ideas in the Pidoco Forum, too? Simply make a suggestion and all other users can vote on it. Our developers will comment and keep you updated on the status of your suggestions.

Happy Prototyping!

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