Pushing the Limits of Prototyping: Extended Interactions

Here at Pidoco we’ve been hard at work to bring to you some exciting new features that push the boundaries of prototyping as you may know it. With this post we proudly announce our latest release featuring “Extended Interactions” that provide you with a powerful way to prototype modern web and mobile applications.

Extended Interactions

Extended Interactions allow you to go beyond traditional click type interactions and leverage the full range of interactivity available on PCs and mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. With Pidoco you can now:

  • prototype touch gestures like swipe or pinch
  • simulate screen transitions like slide in or fade
  • define new system reactions like alerts, browser back or playback of sounds
  • let prototypes react to device movements like tilting, orientation changes or shaking
  • incorporate location data (e.g. GPS) to simulate location-based services
  • use parameters like direction or angle to refine interactions
  • choreograph complex interactions using multiple reactions and delays

With these new possibilities you will be able to create even more realistic prototypes and test a much wider range of applications and features before you go ahead and build them. Examples include interactive sightseeing tour guides or rental car finder apps utilizing location data, mobile applications utilizing touch interactions, or health apps responding to shaking a mobile phone. Since touch gestures and device movements are a great way to make interacting with technology more natural and tangible for users, we have dubbed these features “Tangible Interactions“.

Code-free Prototyping

As always you will be able to use Extended Interactions entirely without writing a single line of code. Rich interactions are easily defined via the new Interaction Dialog by selecting pairs of User Actions and System Reactions from a wide range of options. A set of parameters allows you to refine these interactions using, for example, animations, delays or defining directions. You can also combine multiple reactions to compose complex sequences of reactions, for example, to build a slide show.

Extended Interactions with Pidoco: Adding rich interactions to your prototypes is easy.

Extended Interactions with Pidoco: Adding rich interactions to your prototypes is easy.

In our Enterprise Edition you can combine these new options with our scripting module, which opens up almost infinite possibilities as it allows you to add your own code snippets to your prototypes.

Simulation on Mobile Devices

Together with our Extended Interactions we have also released a new version of our mobile app, which allows you to simulate your prototypes directly on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to test drive your apps immediately. All it takes is sharing a link or logging in via the Pidoco App, which you can get directly in the respective app stores (get the iOS version here, get the Android version here). The new app is able to use inputs from the various sensors of the mobile device in order to simulate your prototypes. Enjoy!


Try it now at pidoco.com. Happy Prototyping!


If you need help or have questions, just drop us a line at support@pidoco.com, give us a call or contact us via Facebook or Twitter. We are happy to help you! You are not a Pidoco user, yet? Why not register for a free 31-day trial today?


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