Pidoco FAQs now in Serbo-Croatian

Photo of the translator

Jovana Milutinovich


We were recently approached by Jovana Milutinovich, a Computer Science student at the University of Belgrade, Serbia –┬árequesting to translate part of our website into Serbo-Croatian. We were of course happy to support the project.

Jovana writes: “My goal as a computer science student is to help people from my country read some useful info about computers in general and all different software out there. I hope that these translations will find its audience sooner or later throughout Ex Yugoslavian community which is wide spread around the world.”

Thanks to Jovana for bringing Pidoco and wireframing to a larger audience and we hope lots of people will benefit from this. We think it’s a great cause!

You can now read the Serbo-Croatian version of our FAQs here.


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