Halloween Special – The Pidoco Case Study

At Pidoco we use our software for planning changes to our software and website. We’ve written before about how we use Pidoco in our work process for updating the software design, but we also use Pidoco to communicate about small changes to our website.

This week we’ve had a Halloween Special for new customers, and in the marketing team we thought about how we could let test users know about this discount. Rather than writing everything in an email, we made a prototype. This was shared with one of our designers and a developer, so they could give us feedback in the prototype about what was possible. The two main pages we wanted to make changes to were the Home Page and My Prototypes. We made screenshots of these pages, which we used as background images and then got creative!

We wanted to add an overlay to our existing image on the right-hand side of our home page. You can upload an image to do this, but we thought we’d use the free-hand drawing stencil instead. We were open to suggestions for Halloween-themed images from our designer, so the sketched look was useful in this case. We also added a couple of comments using our comment stencil to let our designer know he had freedom to choose his own images. Another comment marker was all we needed for the German translate of our overlay text and we could proofread this in the prototype itself.

Halloween Special Prototype

Our mockup. We never said it had to look pretty

Final Home Page Image

Fortunately, our final version doesn’t look like a mockup

Our designer created some images in CSS and then did some technical wizardry to make these Halloween-themed images move when you hover the mouse over them. We’re very impressed!

My Prototypes

We often include a box in My Prototypes to show our users about special offers. (Watch out for this in future). We added a white rectangle to cover the existing text in the specials box and included an image holder on the right, for one of the images from the home page to be replicated here. We also dragged in a text stencil, right-clicked and selected ‘styled text’ and then typed in the text we wanted and formatted as needed. Our designer then used this as a basis and made the changes using HTML. Simple!


Test user account prototype

Prototype of ‘My Prototypes’

Our final message in the repository complete with picture

If you’re working across teams, using a prototype can be a useful way of communicating ideas. Next time we have a special offer, I will just make a copy of this prototype and change the text and upload some different images. Please comment below about how you communicate changes like these accross your teams, or how Pidoco has helped you on your projects! Remember to look out for more Pidoco deals on our Home Page and My Prototypes section. Happy Halloween!

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