6 Years of Being Entrepreneurs!

It’s been six years since Volker and Tino went to their first entrepreneurship lecture and it’s been four years since Volker decided to reflect on that in the lovely blog post “How everything began…

Let’s take a look at some of the things that have happened at Pidoco since that blog post four years ago:

1. We hired our first employee – and we thought we should hire a few more people

2. We moved to our amazing office – and Volker has been sat in the same place ever since

3. We officially became Pidoco GmbH

4. We organized UXcamp – and then another – and then another. Wow!

5. We updated our website design

6. We introduced the prototype view and got rid of tabs

7. We introduced plain and sketched modes

8. We added Pidoco to the Chrome Web Store

9. We released our iOS app

10. We made tutorial videos

Pidoco Team

Thanks to everyone who’s followed this blog, been a customer, or who has supported us in our journey!

We really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us over the years to help us make our software as good as it can be.
We have lots planned for the future, so subscribe to this blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!

Best wishes from Silvan, Tino, Volker and Philipp

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