Meet the voice behind Pidoco’s Social Media

Hello, I’m Catriona and I’ve been working at Pidoco for the past six months. My main responsibilities are within the marketing and customer relations team, which means I’m often the first point of call if you have any questions about our product. I’m also the new voice behind our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you have any question you can always reach me through these streams.

I’m from the London area originally, but moved to Berlin after I finished my studies in German language and literature at the University of Sheffield. I found Pidoco just over six months ago and decided to take a position here as soon as I saw what a great team I would be working with. I may not have a background in UI design or HCI, but I’m learning about the world of wireframing and user experience all the time and am proud to be one of a growing number of women in the Berlin tech scene. What I love most about our software is that it’s so easy that people of any background can use it. I’m always happy to hear about large teams communicating effectively and collaborating on a project with Pidoco.

This is me at UXcamp Europe

This is Catriona at UXcamp Europe, a must-go event for the UX community that we sponsored earlier this year

I want our social media communities to be places where people can write honestly about their experience with Pidoco. Feel free to give constructive feedback and support to others who are using our product. I’m always happy for people to post interesting articles about UX or any other relevant topics. I also would love to hear what you want us to post, so get involved, make suggestions and show us when you like something!

Feel free to message me and the rest of the team at with any questions or requests for a free demonstration of our software. I’m always happy to help!


  • It was a great time with you Catriona.

    All the best for your future.

  • Thanks Curtis! I’m glad you enjoyed your internship with us! I hope your Masters goes well!

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