Breadcrumb Navigation

At Pidoco, we’ve updated our navigation system. We’ve made it even easier for you to move between the pages and layers of your prototype, helping you get to the parts of your project you need quickly and easily. We have now included forward and back buttons to help you go back to the previous view of your prototype, just like in your browser bar.

Breadcrumb navigation in prototype creator

Moving to a new page in your prototype

We’ve introduced a breadcrumb system, which enables you to see where you are in your prototype at any time. Boxes will appear at the top of your screen showing you which prototype, folder and page you are working from. These are clickable, which means if you are working from a page, you can go back to these sections. When you hover over the arrows in your breadcrumbs, a menu will also appear. You can then use this to switch to a different page or layer in your prototype, without having to go back to the prototype view. This is a fantastic feature, which should make finding your pages even easier.

Prototype global layers in breadcrumb navigation

The breadcrumb navigation in our prototype creator lets you see what global layer you're working on

Thanks to another great feature we have added, you can work on different pages of your prototype in different browser tabs. What’s more, if you do this, the tabs in your browser will be clearly labeled to show what pages or layers you are working on. In your browser, you will then be able to change the order of your tabs to suit you and use shortcuts to flick through these tabs. To open a page in a new browser tab, simply click on the page whilst holding down the ctrl button. You can also click on the special icon in the breadcrumb menu. With Pidoco, you can save the URLs of these tabs for the next time you work on your prototype. What’s more if you send the URL to someone collaborating with you on a prototype, they will also be able to open this page automatically.

These are just some of the new features we’ve added to make working on your prototypes even easier. We hope you enjoy working with our new navigation system. To see how the new Pidoco navigation system works, you can also check out our YouTube video! Pidoco explained: the new breadcrumb navigation pidoco

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