After a long journey: our iPhone app is available

It has been three months ago that we added the pidoco Mobile Edition for you to create specific iOS prototypes, which you can run directly on your iPhone or iPad using our new apps. Since then we were discussing with Apple to get our iPhone app into the store. Today, we’re happy to announce that the app finally is available in the App Store!

When you search for it you may notice that we have a Pidoco app that is for 99 cents and a Pidoco HD app that is for free. You may ask, why you have to pay for the app? Unfortunately, Apple’s App Store policies prevent our app from being free because pidoco° itself is a paid service. So, for your benefit, we chose the minimum possible price. With the iPad version of our app we were just lucky to get it approved before we made our pricing public, therefore it is still for free. But once we have to add a new version, this is likely to be changed.

If it were for us to decide you would get the app for free. However, we preferred having the app in the store instead of having no app at all. Our hope is that you will understand that to date it was not possible to get a free pidoco app into the store. Having now achieved that the app is in the store we will continue to think about a solution that both satisfies Apple to make some money with our app and you to get the app for free. After the last three months, I’m not yet convinced that this solution will be possible in the short term, but we’ll work on it.

Oh, you haven’t heard about Pidoco Mobile yet? Please read this article that describes how the mobile edition works.


  • I am not able to connect to the app for 4 days ! Through login or link !! No response form pidoco support as Well Help !

  • We are sorry for any inconveniences with the current version of our App. There is some issue that we have to solve and update our App. Unfortunately, this might take a short while.

    Regarding any refunds, I just checked the iTunes management pages on how to do this and I could not find any way to give you your money back if the app does not work with your device. In general, we would do this without any question, but it seems like Apple does not offer refunding.

  • The purpose would rather be to refund the 5€ / month mobile pidoco license extension…am I the only one Who can’t use the app ?

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