Now Available In The Google Chrome Web Store

Are you using the Google browser “Chrome”? Today Google announced eleven new apps now available in the Google Chrome Web Store. The Pidoco° App is one of the eleven featured apps that users of the Google Chrome web browser can now install.


With the rise of the smartphone, apps have become a huge hit with private and professional users and are entering the web space quickly. The popularity of the apps has been promoted by the creation of various online and mobile marketplaces where users can easily acquire new apps to enhance their devices. Web industry giant Google launched its Chrome Web Store in July 2010 in the United States. Now eleven German partners have added their apps to the store.

One of the apps featured by Google in their latest press release is the Pidoco° App, which allows users to create, share, comment on and test drive interactive wireframes and GUI prototypes. Users of the Chrome web browser can now install the Pidoco° App with only a few mouse clicks, giving them easier access to Pidoco’s functions. Upon installation, the Pidoco° App can be used as a small tab in the browser’s navigation bar, enabling instant access. In addition, users can now register and sign in to Pidoco via their Google account without having to create an additional password. New users of the Pidoco° App should keep their eyes open when exploring Pidoco: There may be an exciting surprise awaiting you …

Pidoco is used by product managers, business analysts, user experience professionals and creative professionals around the
globe. Check it out at (German) or (English).

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