Hunting for Performance

We just applied some hot fixes to our JavaScript Code that improves the server roundtrips while editing a prototype. We received reports about this performance issue for quite a while, but were unable to find the cause for this until now. From a developer point of view, it is always difficult to work on such things if you cannot reproduce it on your machine or in some test environment. In this case, I was lucky to chat with a user last week, with whose prototype I could see the issue and identify the problem. Today, we found a solution that lead to a speed improvement of a factor of 10. We hope that you can feel this improvement when you work with pidoco from now on.

The change of today is one in a series of performance improvements that we did during the past months. In January, we were able to speed up our database and optimize every request to our server. In February, we could improve the loading time of the rendered prototypes and show the contents of a page earlier in a page load. And now in March, we again accelerated the server roundtrips, but this time the part in your browser. Since we do rely on your feedback while working with pidoco, we’d appreciate if you could give us another challenge for April. Which part would you say is still too slow? Where should we continue to hunt for performance? Let us know!

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