Changing our UI: introducing the ‘prototype view’

UPDATE: Today, December 23rd, we deployed this new version with a short delay. Thanks for your patience.

A while ago I posted about the redesign of pidoco and how we implemented the first step of it. Now the second step is approaching.

In about a week we will deploy a new release of pidoco including a major change in the UI. Since we change the ‘home screen’ of the prototype, we felt the need to announce this modification ahead of time. The screenshot shows a preview of this new home screen, that we call the ‘prototype view’.

This view contains all the pages and screenflows of your prototype represented as icons in a grid. The upper part shows the pages and the lower part the screenflows. Both lists are ordered by name, giving you the possibility to adjust the ordering by changing the names. In order to add a page you can either click the ‘+’ button next to the ‘Pages’ title or use the new ‘add’ icon in our toolbar. To open an item, just double click on it as everywhere in pidoco.

In contrast to the screenflows we do not use thumbnails in the prototype view for one reason: performance. Although browsers have become a lot faster than two years ago, they still have trouble rendering complex vector graphics. Therefore, we use simple icons for each item. Our goal is to accelerate opening different pages, which you had to do via a screenflow before.

Another improvement that comes with this new view is that we can hide the panel on the right hand side for both the prototype view and the screenflow view. This provides you with some more screen space when working with screenflows, especially if you are using a rather small screen.

We expect this release to arrive the next weekend, so be prepared to a different look of pidoco when you open your prototypes the next week.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.