Stories told by UX professionals

When working with people you collect a lot of stories about and around your profession. Jan Jursa, a good friend of us, has collected 42 such stories in a free eBook UX Storytellers. People he met at different UX conferences and events have contributed to this project, among whom are names that you may already know (Dave Malouf, Mark Hurst, Henning Brau, to name a few) and a lot that at least I have not yet heard of. Nevertheless, you will find stories about all kinds of topics: accepting Star Wars at work, how a UX pro goes car shopping, how driving a cab or sex and drugs lead to being a UX pro, and the famous Acme Corp appears as well. Thanks to a sneak preview I was able to read a few stories, so I can tell you that it is worth having a look at this collection. Happy reading!

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