UXcamp Europe is on the finish line

It is just two days until our second UXcamp will take off with the warm up party. The badges are already printed and prepared, 11kg of coffee arrived last week, lanyards and t-shirts arrived today. We are just preparing the session grid and after having a look at the session proposals we hopefully have enough rooms for all the sessions. I can’t help it but I have the urgent feeling that we might have forgotten something. But I guess that is a necessary feeling two days before a big event!

Today we also signed the last sponsoring contract. We are very pleased with having so many sponsors supporting the UXcamp. Without them we would not be able to host such an event and make it free to the participants. Oh, and talking about participants: it was a pleasure to read all the countries on the badges where people are coming from. We have several attendees coming from overseas! In addition, we recognized some pidoco users on the participants list. It would be a pleasure to get to know you in person, so please approach us during the camp.

Hm, still thinking that I forgot something… Anyway, see you on Friday at Volksbar or Saturday morning.

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