Prototyping and Project Management going hand in hand

When managing a software project, a lot of the time goes into specifying what the software should do and what it should look like. Once the specification is written it is transformed into many small tasks that have to be assigned to different people working on this project. Designers have to develop some shiny screens, developers have to write the code in behind, maybe the UI has to be localized into several languages, just to name some. However, we all know that there is no project where the specification doesn’t have to be adjusted to new requirements. At this point many project try to adapt some facets of Scrum or other iterative approaches to keep the project manageable.

To date, there are many different tools available that support the project manager in handling all this, one of them is We at pidoco use for quite a while right now and are really happy with it. Since we also use pidoco to create wireframes that represent the major part of our specification, it would be nice to have some kind of integration between the two systems. Having the prototype in the wiki where you can write some explaining texts around, but at the same time being able to click through the prototype to feel the intended interactions, would be great. In addition, when people comment the prototype using our review feature, most of the times it results in new tasks that we have to do in the next iteration.

From now on this becomes reality. We have developed a small app that integrates pidoco prototypes with the wiki with one click. In addition, there is a list of all discussions to the prototype, where each of the discussions can be transformed into a new task. On top of that we put all the discussions into the activity stream, which you can grab the RSS feed and get regular updates of new comments to your prototype. In order to try our app you need to have both a pidoco and a account, which you can both test for free.

As already mentioned above, there are plenty of tools out there and you are probably using a different one. However, if you let us know which one, it should be easy to integrate pidoco with your tool as well. While developing the app we also started developing an API, which we plan to publish soon, for those who would like to write their own integration. More on this is coming soon.

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