pidoco° updates: Live Chat, Annotations, Timeline and Some Bug Fixes

Dear everyone,

we usually work double shifts to make your pidoco° experience even better. Now, we are proud to present you with a few additional features and bug fixes! In order make make your prototyping & usability testing even better, we have included some features which should aid the overall communication with your co-workers.

From now on, when opening the Remote Usability Tester,  you will be able to re-play, fast forward and skip through the test session via the new timeline function.

It also includes the new annotations feature which can be used for making notes on-the-fly whilst conducting a Remote Usability Test. This way, it will be easy to jump back to the exact point in time where your test user experienced certain difficulties or where you think that specific changes are needed. Simply re-play your test session at a later point and jump straight to the annotations in the timeline -easy, quick and convenient!

pidoco° time slider

pidoco° timeline function

You probably are know that the Remote Usability Tester is based on a live one-to-one telephone module which gives you the option to either use a normal land line telephone or the integrated FLASH module. Well, we have had several petitions and now we decided to include a real-time chat module. This way, you can run a usability test even if you do not have a telephone or microphone at your disposal.

real-time chat

real-time chat

Since we’re already talking about chatting:
in case that you are in need of further guidance, have some questions or if you simply are in need of human contact – why not chat directly with us? You now can make use of our integrated pidoco° chat where you can get in touch without needing to send out lengthy emails nor having to listen to our charming German accents over the phone!

chat with pidoco°

chat with pidoco°

Last but not least we have done some extensive bug-fixing and you should notice a definite increase in performance when using the Prototype Creator.

We sincerely hope that you can enjoy the new features and the increase in performance and hope that your work-flow will be even better.

Your pidoco° Team

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