New Stencil: Table

Table Stencil

Table Stencil

It has been requested for quite some time now, that we should add a table to our stencils. With the new release of this weekend we finally added this stencil. It follows the syntax of the menu stencil with some extensions of the wiki syntax.

Each line basically is one table row. The cells are divided by the pipe sign ‘|’. The text between two pipes makes the cell content. This might contain links as well as bold text. Links are added by the combo box above the text area (just as you do with the menu stencil). Text between two stars will be *bold*. In order to format an entire cell just put the formatting symbol (e.g. the star) between the opening pipe and a closing dot. For example like this you center the text and make it bold: |c*. Cell content | You can use c for centered, r for right aligned, * for bold. Left aligned is default.

We think this is a pretty simple and flexible solution. It might not be the favorite of all of our users, but a complex wysiwyg editor just for a table would require too much development time. Besides not having seen a good table editor in one of the common wikis. (Please tell me if there is such available!)

It would help us a lot if you send us some samples of what you expect the syntax to look like. This way, we can improve the table and simplify your prototyping.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.