Review: Wireframe & Mockup Creation made easy (in German)

Steffen Zörnig talks about us and some of our competitors.
It is an interesting review on wireframe creation tools and a definite must-read.  Sorry to the one’s who don’t speak German, maybe you view it via google translate..
One of his statements is that Usability Testing will definitely improve your prototype and that the usage of prototype creation tools is advisable.

Wireframe Mockups, bei dem die Webseiten skizziert werden und dank aktueller Software wie FlairBuilder, MockFlow, Axure, oder Pidoco sogar als Prototype (Klickdummy) interaktiv nutzbar sind. So lassen sich im Vorfeld schon Probleme in der Usability feststellen und verbessern.

Furthermore, his conclusion is that in fact our product seems to be the best solution in terms of functionality.

Funktionell ist jedoch Pidoco ein großes Stück weiter und wäre für größere Projekte meine erste Wahl!

Well, we could’t agree more and would like to thank Steffen for the research well done. Of course time is short these days and that is why we’d like to take the oportunity to add to his review.

Our product provides the “scribble mode” which lets the collaborators/co-workers etc.  undestand that it is- in fact a wireframe.
Anybody looking at a prototype done in the  “scribble mode” will get the impression that it has been done by hand(or on paper).  A nice little feature which shouldn’t be missed out on! Here is a good example of how it can look like.. We also let our users export to HTML, since it will give the possibility to directly import the pidoco° prototype into running projects.

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