Basic requirements for Mock-Up & Wireframe Tools

A great review on wireframing tools and some of the author’s requirements for successful implementation. The author (Rolf Kleef) lists his personal requirements as:

  • Integration of the whole work processes with how I work would be great, specifically allowing offline work on designs
  • Software as a service (SaaS) is ok, if I can take my data with me.
  • Should not require software installation, or expensive subscriptions to participate for people outside my organisation.
  • Should be usable on all platforms: I’m using Linux, designers usually want a Mac, and project clients often are still stuck on Windows.

We’re extremely pleased that Rolf Kleef is so satisfied with our product and we are hereby thanking him for the great review.

However, one requirement is missing in his list:

  • The ability to review the prototype and to get feedback from other co-workers!

We believe that getting feedback is an integral part of the design process and that it should be done via the very same tool which builds the prototype, wouldn’t you agree? If you do, then you have surely already made friends with our Reviewer and Remote Usability Tester, and if not -you really should!



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  • Hopefully to clarify the third point in my list of requirements a bit, I realise it contains two different scenario’s:

    Getting feedback: it’s nice if the tool supports it, but could also be through a service like, as long as the process of publishing a mockup and gathering feedback is streamlined and very easy for the reviewer (given the restriction that an “offline meeting” is often not possible).

    Co-creating designs: we work with external designers and programmers, and I’d like them to also work on the actual design (not just provide feedback to be processed by us). It won’t work in all projects, but certainly a key to success is to provide the tools in an environment without any setup, installation or costs to them.

    And as said, I think you have the best suite available at the moment to make both possible ­čÖé

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