Are wireframes outdated?

The Blog post on “Forget the Wireframes, Throw Away Your Boxy Layouts — Design BIG!” points to the idea that people should think “outside the box” or “outside the wireframe”.

At least that is what the title of the post tries to convey. The author Fernandes Wendell claims that:

…many online portfolios out there have much of the same old look and feel: boxy, wireframed and boring look. My suggestion is to get away from this usual, tired style. These types of layouts are overdone…

I totally agree with him on the point that many designs are looking the same, specially if you’re working in WordPress. The basis of all design should be to have a rough concept and outline on how you’re gonna design your interface, let alone on where elements are going to be placed. If you decide to place a banner a bit more to the left or right and whether you gonna have a background picture which is not following a straight line, then it will surely still follow A other words, I do not believe that “forgetting the wireframes” is the way forward.

Nontheless, it is an interesting article and is a good read for GUI designers

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