Traveling: SVG Open 2009 and UX Brighton

After a long time of just developing pidoco°, next October will be different. I have two trips planned, one going to Silicon Valley and the other one bringing me to Brighton.

2nd-4th of October will be the SVG Open 2009, a conference hosted by Google in Mountain View, CA, which is all about Scalable Vector Graphics. I am very excited about meeting the SVG community for the first time after almost 4 years of SVG development. With all my experiences, I guess I have a lot to share, especially with respect to a complex application like ours. The second day will start with my talk, which will be about how we use SVG for pidoco°. However, the schedule is packed with great talks, which I hope not to miss.

Since I will stay a whole week (30th-7th) in the Bay Area, please don’t hesitate to contact me (volker at for a spontaneous meet-up.

My second trip will go to Brighton (13th) and London (14th), where I am really happy to meet our friends from Webnographer. Together with even more people we are going to give an exiting talk about Remote User Research in all its aspects. Louise Klinker will present a Case Study on Remote Usability, David Tait and Ofer Deshe will introduce Remote Ethnography, and finally we will present both our tools for asynchronous (Webnographer) and synchronous Remote Usability Testing (pidoco°).

That not being enough, the next day we are traveling to London to meet people from Flow Interactive in order to get the UXcamp 2010 started, which promises to be even better than this year! (We do our very best…)

Speak up! Let us know what you think.