Posts from "August, 2009"

The pidoco° Prototype Reviewer is officially online.

The Prototype Reviewer is another new extension of the pidoco° Usability Suite in the field of usability evaluation by experts, colleagues or customers etc.

With this extension it is now possible to invite others to review the created prototypes, collecting important feedback and generating new ideas for the further development of your applications. All the reviewers need is a web browser – the installation of software is not required.

With this process, interface prototypes (e.g. websites) can now easily be tested before the programming phase. This leads to a more efficient design process, later changes will be minimized and the final user experience of the applications will be enhanced.

During the beta phase, we again revised the prototype repository and have now an even better overview of ongoing discussions concerning the prototypes, the annotations and the discussion board are much clearer and the overall communication via our system has been even more improved. Check it out – I am sure, you will love it!

Try pidoco° now and get a 31 day free trial!

Sketched Browser Applications

Chrome in sketched mode with google mail.

Developing a browser application requires us to test our editor on a variety of different browsers and operating systems. Often this includes browsers that are not even released: as soon as the official release comes out our users might switch to the new version and our application needs to work flawlessly in them. Especially as new browsers often bring new features or performance enhancements to our users.

Currently one of those browsers is the new Google Chrome beta. The new version will be themable and one of the themes is called “Pencil Sketch”. As the name suggests with that theme the browser gets a hand-drawn look which fits perfectly to our prototypes in sketched mode. But take a look for yourself.

Chrome in sketched mode with a sketched prototype.