Name change: We donate for SOS-Kinderdorf

We are looking for a new name. Although we liked our current name very much, it comes with some disadvantages that lead to this decision: especially when talking on the phone, people do not understand the name and the writing. In addition, some asked us whether we are an Italy-based company, which we are not. On top of this, there is another small company in Germany with a similar name, which already led to some confusion. To overcome all these disadvantages we kindly ask you to support us in finding a new name.

For each name that has been suggested we are going to give 10 Cent to a charity project. The project that we are supporting is a new assembly hall for the SOS-Kinderdorf in Kigali, Rwanda. Simply enter your name proposal in this form to join us in supporting the SOS-Kinderdorf.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.