UXcamp coming up

Just some few more days and the UXcamp is finally starting. There are still plenty of things to do like printing the name tags or preparing the session grid. On the other hand, the main task is done: getting enough sponsors. The UXcamp seems to be a hot topic, judging from the number of sponsors that we were able to acquire and the few days that passed until the list of attendees was full.

Taking a look at the session proposals the weekend is promising to be very exciting. And there seems to be one topic especially interesting to many out there: prototyping. We have proposals for every kind of prototyping and prototyping tools on the list. Paper and Flash, Expression Blend and Axure, Visio and Acrobat. And somewhere on my personal to-do list is the preparation of a pidoco┬░ session. (Although I’m sure we will be mentioned in at least some of those prototyping sessions.)

I’m really looking forward to the UXcamp, especially after half a year of preparation. Let’s have an excellent weekend in Berlin!

For those of you who are going to attend the UXcamp I added some Infos to the German version of this entry.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.