One year ago: our first user

It has been one year ago that we gave our first user his account. These days, pidoco° was, well, in a very early alpha stage. I just searched my harddisk to find this old screenshot which was taken about a year ago. Comparing it to the current version, there is little in common. We had 8 different elements in our palette, the use case view was called sitemap, and yes we had a properties table on the right side. People were using Firefox 2, because Firefox 3 was just available in Beta 3. Safari has been working on its version 3.1, which introduced acceptable SVG support (today we have Safari 4 Beta just released).

Thinking about all this, the web has changed a lot. And so has pidoco°. Any guesses for what’s coming the next year? My guess is that browsers will get even faster and will further improve their SVG implementations. What I’d like to see is an announcement by Microsoft to support SVG in IE 9. Regarding pidoco°, I’m sure that there will be several new things. The first one coming next week…

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