New Release: Access to older Prototype Versions

This evening we deployed a new release of the Prototype Creator. During the past weeks we worked on many small bug fixes that should make working with pidoco° more fun. In addition, we adopted the design of the prototype repository to better fit into our website.

What you see for each of your prototypes is a list of users that have access to it and the last saved version of the prototype. You already might have wondered, why you have to type in a name every time you save your prototype. From now on you can see these names again in the repository. Because all your work is saved immediately as you go, the save button creates a snapshot of your prototype. We call this a version, a milestone, a revision, whatever you like to use it for. Ok, you have those versions, and now? When you open the detailed view of a prototype, you get a detailed view of your options.

There you have a list of all the old versions that you have saved already. In addition, we are creating a snapshot every night after you worked on the prototype. This should give you enough choice whenever you feel the need to jump back to an older version: simply copy the version you like and open this new prototype to go on with.

Whenever you feel that something is not working correctly or you have ideas how we could improve pidoco°, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.