Posts from "February, 2009"

One year ago: our first user

It has been one year ago that we gave our first user his account. These days, pidoco° was, well, in a very early alpha stage. I just searched my harddisk to find this old screenshot which was taken about a year ago. Comparing it to the current version, there is little in common. We had 8 different elements in our palette, the use case view was called sitemap, and yes we had a properties table on the right side. People were using Firefox 2, because Firefox 3 was just available in Beta 3. Safari has been working on its version 3.1, which introduced acceptable SVG support (today we have Safari 4 Beta just released).

Thinking about all this, the web has changed a lot. And so has pidoco°. Any guesses for what’s coming the next year? My guess is that browsers will get even faster and will further improve their SVG implementations. What I’d like to see is an announcement by Microsoft to support SVG in IE 9. Regarding pidoco°, I’m sure that there will be several new things. The first one coming next week…

Prototyping with Firefox on a Mac

Yesterday evening a blog post appeared on The Interaction Designer’s Coffee Break introducing pidoco°. I am following this blog for quite a while and can recommend it for your next coffee break. In Henrik Olsen’s own words he describes his blog as “a site for people engaged in the various fields of making the web a better experience for the users”.

Since his post our website’s traffic increased a lot, which we are very happy for. Our web analytics for today shows a very interesting pattern:

Firefox (Gecko) is by far the most popular browser (about 66%) among our visitors, followed by all WebKit-Browsers (about 24%). IE gets only a share of about 8%. We are observing this since our website is online, but every time we get a lot of traffic we are excited to confirm this pattern.

A similar, because uncommon pattern is the distribution of operating systems. Windows XP has about 45%, Mac OS about 35%, and Windows Vista about 15%.

Although the share of Internet Explorer is quite small, we hope that Microsoft starts implementing SVG for IE9. There are already some rumors that it might happen some day.

Welcome aboard Lars!

Today is a major milestone for our young company: we signed the contract of our first full-time employee! We’re very happy to have you with us, Lars. Knowing each other since our very first days at university, we are appreciative of your excellent skills and have no doubt that you will speed up the development of pidoco°.

Let’s have a fun time together!

New Release: Access to older Prototype Versions

This evening we deployed a new release of the Prototype Creator. During the past weeks we worked on many small bug fixes that should make working with pidoco° more fun. In addition, we adopted the design of the prototype repository to better fit into our website.

What you see for each of your prototypes is a list of users that have access to it and the last saved version of the prototype. You already might have wondered, why you have to type in a name every time you save your prototype. From now on you can see these names again in the repository. Because all your work is saved immediately as you go, the save button creates a snapshot of your prototype. We call this a version, a milestone, a revision, whatever you like to use it for. Ok, you have those versions, and now? When you open the detailed view of a prototype, you get a detailed view of your options.

There you have a list of all the old versions that you have saved already. In addition, we are creating a snapshot every night after you worked on the prototype. This should give you enough choice whenever you feel the need to jump back to an older version: simply copy the version you like and open this new prototype to go on with.

Whenever you feel that something is not working correctly or you have ideas how we could improve pidoco°, please feel free to get in touch with us.