pidoco° in T3N magazine

Today we received a copy of the T3N magazine. At first, we were surprised, because nobody ordered it. But then Silvan discovered the section on open source and web 2.0 tools. There is a short article on our Prototype Creator. Although it has only some few sentences it describes our tool quite well. However, we’re no more for free, on Monday we are launching the paid version. (Except for those who already have an account.)

Besides this article the T3N in general is a high quality magazine. In case you are interested in latest open source and web technology, this might be worth reading. The sections include news, a cover section (this time web x.0), business (with a lot on start-ups), magazine, technology, and content management. They have some interviews (e.g. with Lukasz Gadowski), many articles, and a few interesting workshops.

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