New Release – Live Collaboration

We just deployed a new release for both our productive and our preview installation. Among several bug fixes and minor improvements we finally opened the live collaboration for all users. Already several months ago we showed this feature at the Mensch und Computer in Lübeck, we used it in our own projects quite a while and now it is up to our beta testers to enjoy this feature. From within the prototype repository you can send invitation mails to your fellows. As long as they already own an account, they will receive access rights to the shared prototype and you can start collaborating.

When we decide on the next steps in development we try our best to figure out what our users really need next. Since this can be quite difficult with some ideas, we opened an account on uservoice. With your help we can now see what the real needs are and develop the most important things first. You can access our feedback forum from this blog post or by using the feedback dialog within the Prototype Creator. Go on and vote!

Speak up! Let us know what you think.