After the World Usability Day

Thu, 2008-11-13 22:41 — volker.gersabeck

While others might still go on, the World Usability Day 2008 in Berlin is already over right now. It has been a quite intense day, being part of the organizing team and having to run our booth at the same time.

In my role as organizer I have to say, it was a great day. We had more than 250 people attending, a whole bunch of good sessions (workshops and presentations), a great location, and an invaluable team of helpers. The experiment with the evening session, the live expert review of web applications was very entertaining and I’d say to some extent informative, a success. And it was the only session I was able to attend.

Judging from the other role, a sponsor and exhibitor, I was reminded of the Mensch und Computer in Lübeck in September. We had so many people coming to visit the booth and to see the Prototype Creator in action, it was awesome. We enjoyed many excellent, because critical discussions. There might be some projects starting together with other Berlin web companies. Let’s see what future brings…

During the next days there should be some photos coming up on flickr (search for wudberlin2008) and ID-Media has collected lots of footage and will compile some nice videos of today.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.