Events for this week

This week is packed with some interesting events i’ll be attending:

The Web 2.0 Expo Europe is coming up and the guys at and at TechWeb thought it is time to party. One week before the official start of the Web 2.0 Expo there will be the Pre-Web 2.0 Expo Europe Drinkup on Tuesday evening in Mitte.

Thursday will be a very interesting event for all upcoming founders. The HPI.Connect student club is hosting a full day Startup Workshop with many speakers from a VC, several support programs for entrepreneurs, and a divers list of founders (including myself). This will give you a nice overview on the different ways of funding the first months of your company.

The weekend is the huge BarCamp Berlin 3. With over 600 registered attendees this one will be equally big as the BarCamp Block in Palo Alto last year. And I guess it won’t be any less fun. We’re still thinking about giving a presentation, maybe on some JavaScript stuff. We’ll see…

Whether or not we’ll meet this week, have a nice one!

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