EuroIA 2008

Last weekend I attended the EuroIA in Amsterdam. EuroIA 2008 was a conference about Information Architecture. Besides professional information architects the conference addressed project managers and application developers, too. These target groups often need to structure information or create taxonomies.

The conference was a great experience for me. Most talks and sessions had quite practical topics, which is why I learnt a lot during these two days. Being a developer I found many intersections with computer science. Often IA and IT examine very similar problems and just address them from a slightly different angle. I am sure that both of us can learn a lot from each other if we dare to look beyond our own nose.

Presentations ranged from very good overviews about current methods and techniques like Chiara Fox’s “Content Analysis” to cutting edge and future trends in personalization in “I’m not you” by Bogo Vatovecca. In the next days you’ll find most of the slides presented at the conference on slideshare tagged by euroIA2008. You’ll find some nice pictures in Stefans flickr stream.

Apart from learning I met a lot of exciting people and had some interesting chats. So thanks to the organization team for the conference to proceed so smoothly and to the IA community for sharing this informative event.


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