How to crash Safari

Sometimes, life as a web developer is not that easy. Especially when dealing with browser issues that have to be bypassed somehow. And some issues are rather critical, because they lead to an entire browser crash. However, it feels good if you can locate the bug and find a solution.

During the past weeks it may have occurred that your Safari crashed while visiting pidoco°. Today, we installed a bug fix in both the preview and the productive version, which is supposed to prevent Safari from crashing.

Although the source of the problem was not in our code, we don’t mind if you are angry about our tool as long as you tell us whenever you feel something is going wrong with pidoco°. You can use the feedback form within the editor or send an email to contact (at) Otherwise we have no chance to fix the problem.

Luckily, our system is designed to store all your data instantaneously. This way, you cannot loose any work except for up to 5 seconds. You don’t have to worry about your work, although it is annoying to see a browser crashing.

For the ones that are interested in the details: SVG includes the use-tag which allows for duplicating certain shapes by reference rather than copying them. However, the rendering engine of Safari and Chrome, WebKit, has a problem if the referenced shape is modified via JavaScript. In our case we changed the css class which lead to the crash.

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