A first conclusion

Being back in Berlin and having unpacked our car, we can draw a first conclusion of our first conference as a sponsor: judging from now it was a very successful time in Lübeck. We had many fruitful discussions and have talked to many more interested people than we expected.

We would like to thank all the attendants for the inspiring feedback. We started evaluating all the ideas we got and couldn’t stop discussing different ways to implement them. Therefore, you can be sure to see new features based on your suggestions.

Even during the conference we had the first ones to open their free account of pidoco°. Please be aware that our Prototype Creator is currently only fully functional in Firefox. With Safari and Opera we still have some issues to solve. However, the best way to help us discovering all bugs and support us in solving them is to send us feedback. You can use the feedback form that we included into the editor.

Thanks again for these great days in Lübeck and hope to see you all at some of the upcoming events like the BarCamps in Munich or Berlin, the World Usability Day, or the UPA Europe conference in Turin.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.