New Features I: Collaboration

As I already announced, by this series of blog entries we want to introduce some new features that you will be able to see and experience at the Mensch und Computer next week. The first feature are our Collaboration capabilities.

If you ever have used Google Docs with two or more people at the same time, then you know that you can just edit the document and the software cares about how to send the changes to the other users. We have implemented the same mechanism, but for our prototypes. Thus, if several users are logged in to the same prototype, every change you make will be distributed automatically to the others.

While you are editing the login part of your prototype, your colleague can design a content page. After just some second the changes will be available to the others, without any need to take care.

The same applies for running the prototype: while a test user is viewing the prototype, you can modify the same page. If the user reloads the page, the changes will be visible. This way, you can demonstrate different variants of the same page and ask for feedback to both variants.

In case you think this feature is not very interesting to you, give it a try in your next project. You will see how easy collaboration can be.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.