Posts from "July, 2008"

Sponsoring the Mensch und Computer

Now it is official: pidoco° is a Sponsor for the conference “Mensch und Computer 2008”, which is part of the multi conference “Viel Mehr 2008”. We are very proud to be among such great companies that are sponsoring this year.

We will have our own small booth and we will give a short presentation of pidoco° in a tool session. Further details will be posted in here, once they’re fix.

It would be a pleasure to meet you at the conference in Lübeck. I’m sure, there will be excellent sessions and you can meet all the usability guys from the German speaking area. See you there!

Deadline Extension for World Usability Day

We extended the deadline for submitting a session proposal until 10th of August.

In case you are doing some usability project in the context of web 2.0, send us some lines and share your experiences at the World Usability Day. Or maybe you just finished the work on a paper or thesis, feel free to tell us about it and present it in front of about 200 people. You ever wanted to do a workshop and help others learning from your skill set? The World Usability Day is the place for you.

We are looking forward to read your proposal. Have a look at for all the information about our event.

Thanks to Tortoise Design

Some weeks ago we met Fabian of Tortoise Design for a beer to discuss how they could improve their web shop usability. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go through the whole user centered design process, but we gave them some advice on what they could do without hiring a usability professional. We also had a look at a paper prototype they already worked on.

Today, Fabian gave us a visit and showed some intermediate work on their redesign. It was interesting to see that some of our ideas made it through their usability tests. Again, we couldn’t resist to discuss the new iteration of designs. In August we might be able to see the final result, as they plan to relaunch the new version by then. It will be interesting to see how their figures will change after the relaunch.

And for these two short meetings, Fabian brought us our own logo as stickers for our laptops. They just look great, don’t you think so?

Thanks again, Fabian!

pidoco° at Usability Stammtisch Hannover

Some days ago we received an invitation to present our prototyping tool at the Usability Stammtisch in Hannover. For sure we will follow this invitation and will give a presentation on “web-based paper prototyping”. The Stammtisch takes place the 31st of July in the Apollo Konzept in Hannover. It starts at 6pm.

Our presentation will start with an introduction on paper prototyping with its advantages and disadvantages. The main part of the presentation will demonstrate our Prototype Creator and its concepts. This includes a discussion with the audience on what they think about these concepts. We are looking forward to a serious discussion.

In addition to our presentation, our friends from Nurago will showcase their LEOtrace tools as well.

See you in Hannover!

Meeting the Oryx guys

The Oryx project of the business process technology chair at Hasso-Plattner-Institute is developing a browser based editor for business processes in different notations. As we know the chair quite well, we visited them today for exchanging our experiences in development.

If you compare our preview version with their editor you will see that we both use the ExtJS framework and we both use SVG for displaying our data. However, from an architectural point of view, we differ from each other. While our server back-end provides several advantages, it is the Oryx front-end architecture that stands out in comparison to ours.

Although it might be difficult to really share a common source code basis in both projects, sharing the architectural aspects is definitively interesting for both of us. Let’s see how we can benefit even more from each other. Thank you guys for this afternoon.

World Usability Day 2008 in Berlin – Usability and Web 2.0

Although the actual event is still some months to go, we started the search for sponsors as well as for interesting talks. We chose the topic “Usability and Web 2.0” to explore the new challenges for usability professionals that the new technologies and social aspects of the Web 2.0 pose.

In case you / your company are interested in sponsoring the event, please refere to the sponsoring section of the event website.

If you have some interesting projects or other new solutions you want to talk about, feel free to submit a proposal. We also accept proposals in English!

We are looking forward to welcome you to our event!

On the background of the World Usability Day:

World Usability Day was founded in 2005 with a mission to increase the public’s awareness of the need to make the services and products important to human life easier to access and simpler to use. Global issues such as healthcare, education and government are addressed through expert forums, exhibits, events and initiatives in numerous locations throughout the world. (from the press release for the World Usability Day 2007.)