Who said engineers can’t write business plans?

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to attend the award ceremony of the second stage of the business plan contest of Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany, 2008. This contest is divided into two sections, one for technology oriented businesses (BPWtechnology) and one for non-technology ventures (BPWservice).

Out of about 100 business plans we were awarded with the first prize in BPWtechnology! We feel especially proud, because of the tough competition we faced: the second prize went to Surgical Solutions, a project to support surgeons with a kind of navigation gadget for surgeries. The team MagicMap were awarded with the third prize. They offer a new software solution for the localization of smartphones, PDAs, or laptops also within buildings.

The focus of this second stage was on the market and marketing concepts. The judges especially like the realistic estimation of the attractive market potential and the good plan for the market entry.

Let’s see how we will perform in the third and final stage of the contest where the complete business plan will be evaluated.

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