New Preview available

Today, we deployed a new preview of our Prototype Creator. Beside many smaller bug fixes and server-side improvements, two new features are worth mentioning in here:

By uploading image files, you can now put a background image to a page. These images can be some prepared designs that you have made with e.g. Photoshop. When you open a page in the editor (by a double click on a page in the sitemap) the palette contains a new element called ‘ClickArea‘. This is a transparent rectangle that is used for defining click maps. Back in the sitemap you can attach arrows to such a click area to define the link target.

We have prepared some images for the preview version so you can play with them. One of the next things we have already started implementing is in-place editing. If you have other ideas, we’re looking forward to get your feedback.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.